Thursday, July 12, 2007

a trip to the Prime Meridian

Greenwich park, originally uploaded by supafly.

Sunday was a sad day of packing and saying goodbye to Marshall as he headed off to India for six weeks, so lets skip to Monday. I decided to check out another Royal Park, Greenwich Park. This is also the home of the Royal Observatory and the Prime Meridian. Greenwich actually isn't too far from Peckham/Camberwell Green and I was able to take a couple of buses to get there. The parks were beautiful and surrounded on the side I entered by a wall that separated it from the noisy roads bordering it. The park was filled with many parents with strollers and little kids running around. There was a separate, fenced in flower garden in the park as well as a tea pavilion with snacks and a merry-go-round nearby.

There was a large tourist group going into the Royal Observatory when I got there and I actually missed the Prime Meridian line in the crowd. Instead, I headed into a camera obscura room and through the exhibits and actually had to exit and come back in before I saw the Prime Meridian line. It was right at the entrance, but the crowd had obscured it from view!

After leaving Greenwich, I stopped at the National Gallery for a look around the wing of most recent paintings. There were lots of great works of art and it was a relaxing way to end the day.


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  2. Hi Superfly, I'm writing from the Yumchaa teashop, we came across the gorgeous picture that you managed to take of our shop and that we have failed to take ourselves, We love the photo and was wondering if you'd mind us using it on our new website?
    Many thanks Trinh

  3. Hi Trinh!

    You're welcome to use my photograph. I didn't have your e-mail address so I wasn't sure how to get in touch with you other than to post here.