Saturday, December 03, 2011

Mind in the Making: Seven Essential Life Skills

Skill Four: Making Connections

This has to do with categorizing information and being able to figure out what's similar, what's different, how things relate to one another and finding new connections.  Even infants have an object sense, a space sense, and a number sense.  This is an important skill as it helps them learn and remember things.

How to promote making connections:
1.  Give them opportunities to see connections using their interests
2.  Acknowledge that making mistakes is a part of learning
3.  Promote object sense with open ended toys that let them experience how things work
4.  Give them opportunities for exploration and pretend play and be their guide
5.  Use words to describe space
6.  Play games where they find their way in space
     - hide and seek
     - giving directions when going somewhere
     - geocaching
7.  Talk about quantities and how it relates to things you encounter in daily life
8.  Give them chores that involve counting
9.  Build their sense of approximate numbers - play board games
10. Play games that help them make connections
      - sorting things by color, type, shape, size
11.  Help them see things in different ways (face/vase illusion, shapes in clouds, etc...)

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