Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One month letter to Olive

You are one month old today little Olive and it has been longer than that since I've written a post.  So much has happened in the last month and it is remarkable how drastically different my life has become now that you are out in the world.  I am just starting to find a new rhythm and routine with you.  I want to remember something from the blur of the last month and I love lists, so here is a list of memorable moments from the last 30 some days with you.

Day 1: The day started with being unsure about whether I was in labor or not.  You were in distress and a c-section was quickly performed to bring you safely into the world.

Days 2-3: Your appa (father) and I spent the next couple of days learning how to take care of you.  You also had your first visitors, your first photo session, and started what seemed like a non-stop feeding frenzy.

Day 4:  You had your first car ride as we headed home from the hospital.  You met your lola and lolo (my parents) today as well.

Day 5: We took you for your first walk down to Ravenna bridge and back.  That evening, you had your first sponge bath at home given by lola.

Day 6: You took a nap in the sun with our cat Maude to help clear away a little jaundice.  You had your first day in the moby and enjoyed being snuggled near me.  We took a break from breastfeeding after several days of pain (on my part) and I pumped milk for you and you had your first bottle of milk.

Day 7: We had our first outing in the car to visit a lactation consultant.  Like everyone else, she was impressed with your strong suck and barracuda like appetite and enthusiasm.  She gave us a lot of good advice to help us get better at breastfeeding.  Lola read you your first book about noodles and you took a nap with appa.  You also had some great tummy time.

Day 8: After a week in disposables, you grew enough to start wearing cloth diapers.  We also took lola's advice and used the sink to clean your bum rather than disposable wipes.  You had your first visit to the doctor's office today and we were happy to hear you were back to your birth weight.

Day 9: While your lolo and appa trimmed the laurel bushes in the yard, you received your first flowers (from appa's workmates).  You enjoy snoozing in the vibrating chair, but are keeping appa up at night - particularly between 11pm to 3am.  Your appa and I went out for our first date alone since you were born while lolo and lola watched you.

Day 10:  Your lolo and lola left today and I was sad to see them go.  However, our friends came to visit, cuddle you, and bbq.

Day 11:  This was our first day alone together as appa went back to work.  We had a peaceful day at home getting the house ready for more visitors.

Day 12: Your halmoni (my mother-in-law) came to meet you today.  She brought you a blanket sewn expertly by your great-grandmother in Seoul.

Day 13:  The lack of sleep and pressure from visitors got to your mama today.  It's not even halfway through the time with guests, but I am already looking forward to time alone with you again.

Day 14: You went on your second walk today, accompanied by me, your appa, and halmoni.  It was a bit longer, but not too long, since I'm still recovering.  You also had your second visit to the doctor's for your second PKU test.

Day 15: Today I took my first trip out alone to my own doctor's appointment while you stayed home with appa and halmoni.  Your appa and I went out for izekaya that night while your halmoni watched you.

Day 16: Today we said good-bye to our old 32-year old refrigerator as a brand new refrigerator courtesy of lolo and lola was delivered.  I can now safely store milk for you in a more efficient and reliable freezer.  Your halmoni spent all day cooking lots of Korean food and we now have more space in the fridge for all of it.

Day 17:  Today your halmoni went for a long walk so we could have some time alone.

Day 18: This evening our friends came over for a labor day bbq.  We dressed you up in a cute dress even though you slept through most of it.

Day 19: Today your harabaji (my father-in-law) flew in and he was very happy to meet you.

Day 20: Today your Tita Sharon flew in to meet you.  I drove to the light rail station to pick her up while your grandparents watched you.  Your lolo and lola also came back for a second visit and the entire family (including both sets of your grandparents) had a big Korean dinner courtesy of your halmoni. 

Day 21: Your halmoni and harabaji left today and you spent the day with me, your tita, and lola.

Day 22: Today we went on an adventure and took you for your first ferry ride.  We went to Bainbridge Island so your tita and lola could go to Churchouse yarns.  I breastfed you for the first time in public as we ate sushi, and again as we waited in line for the ferry back to Seattle.

Day 23: Today your tita and I took you for a long walk to University Village and back.  That evening our friends came over to bbq and hang out with you.

Day 24: Today you hung out with your appa while he watched football.  The rest of us went out for dim sum.

Day 25: Today your lolo and lola bought us a guest bedframe while they were out golfing.  While you took a nap, we all worked to put it together.

Day 26:  Today your lolo, lola, and tita left.  I was sad to see them go, especially your tita, who took care of you every night while I caught up on my sleep.

Day 27: Today was only our second day alone together.  I spent the day doing laundry and cleaning up from all of our guests.

Day 28: Today I finally got around to framing the Olivia poster that your appa made for you.  I had every intention of taking a trip out of the house with you, but I'm still trying to figure out how to do more than just laundry, breastfeeding, diaper changing, and miscellaneous house work.

Day 29: Today we finally left the house and ended up making two trips to University Village.  The first time we drove there to get a couple of storage bins so I could pack away maternity clothes and newborn clothes you had already grown out of (can you believe it?)  The second time we walked there to get some bum bum balm for a small bit of diaper rash that you had developed.  I thought cloth diapers were supposed to help prevent that??

Day 30: Today was the most social day yet, although you slept through most of it.  We had brunch with our friend Tal and Dana who now have a 2 year old.  The last time we had been to their house, I wasn't even pregnant and their son was barely crawling.  Now they've moved to a new place, he's running and talking, and you are over 4 weeks old!  Tal, as usual, made a delicious meal that included baked eggs and eggplant with tahini, and ended with grilled figs served with cardamom flavored whipped cream and balsamic vinegar.  That night we met up with our friends Heather and Joe who have a practically 5 month old baby girl.  It had been over a month since I'd seen her and she had practically doubled in size since she was first born.  Kids grow so quickly!

Day 31: On Sunday, you and I went to breakfast at Vios with Allison while your appa went out to watch the Cleveland Browns game.

Day 32: Today it's been a month since you were born.  We took our first trip to the eastside to hear Dr. Harvey Karp speak about his books Happiest Baby and Happiest Toddler on the Block.  You were one of several kids in the audience, but you were the only one Dr. Karp said hello to personally (when you interrupted his talk with a loud cry).  It was even caught on tape!

Happy one month day little Olive.  It has been wonderful getting to know you.  Thank you for being patient with appa and I as we learn how to take care of you.  We love you more every day.

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  1. Julie Park6:59 PM

    Thanks for sharing! Haha, i was exhausted reading it! I'm glad that you have kept busy and have worked in time for rest too. The rest of the year will be spent trying to keep that balance of just enough busy-ness w/o losing your mind. Luckily, you have one great little person to share the time with, Olivia is just wonderful! I guess Marshall is ok too ;)