Sunday, January 22, 2012

Crafts: Sewing Kid's Clothes

Before baby, I was in frantic nesting mode, and sewing for friend's babies and my future baby.  One day, my friend Liz came over and we had a crazy sewing day.  It was great sewing with her because she just dives in, which helped push me along to get more done because I can be quite poky and too precise about it.  I managed to make a skirt and a dress that day.

Here's one of the finished dresses.  I realized afterwards, that i managed to sew it so the fabric pattern is upside down, but it's still a cute dress!  I used this tutorial and some math skills to make it.  Of course, little O won't be wearing this for awhile. 

I also made the skirt above for our friend's daughter.  This may have been the tutorial I used, but I'm not sure now.  Looks cute, but the proportions were funky.  I learned that it's hard to make clothes for kids when you don't have them there to measure!

During another crafting day with my friend Becky, I made this cool travel blanket, using this tutorial.  It's not perfectly straight, but the beautiful echino fabric I used makes up for my lack of sewing skills.I have yet to use this with O, but she's getting attached to her toys, so it might be good to start using it soon.

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