Thursday, January 12, 2012

Little O is almost 5 months old!

It has almost been five months, and I have been sadly remiss about writing about how little O has been progressing.  Sometimes it seems like time is moving so slowly, but my husband, M, who doesn't get to spend all day with her, often reminds me how much she is changing.  She is no longer the curled up little pill bug sleeping the day away, but is definitely becoming more alert and aware of the world around her.  The easiest way for me to remember how much has changed is to do a review in the form of photos:

Since my last update almost 4 months ago, little O has spent countless hours happily snoozing as I wear her.  I can't believe she was once small enough to hang as she is above, in the moby.  We have transitioned to mostly using the ergo since she is over fifteen pounds and heavy!  Now, she is big enough that I have a hard time signing receipts when I'm shopping or eating lunch, as her head is almost covering my face at this point.  I also want to practice wearing her facing out in the moby more, as O is sometimes awake and looking around now, rather than automatically falling asleep when I'm wearing her.

Little O has now spent many hours out and about and seems to greatly prefer being out in the world, rather than being cooped up at home all day with me.  We've continued going to Friday dinners with our friends, and I am grateful that some of them are happy to hold her to give me and M time to scarf some food down ourselves.  She doesn't seem to mind being held by others yet, although I have noticed a preference for Asians, since those are the faces she sees the most.  She has spent more time at sports bars watching football with her Appah than I have, and I am grateful for M for taking her out, and for the bars for allowing it, as it has given me a little bit of time away to just breathe and do my own thing again.

Little O has gotten to meet other babies her age thanks to PEPS.  It's also been great for M and I to get to meet parents who are going through the same thing as us.  We've been meeting every Wednesday evening and it's been interesting to see the change in all the babies. In the beginning, most of us held our sleeping little ones and/or fed them during those two hours.  Now, we often put them on the floor together and get distracted as we watch them squealing and batting one other.

Little O got to visit the places where both M and I work.  It was fun to introduce her to everyone and so cute that she got her own name badge.  Looking at this photo, I can't believe she was ever to cute and tiny!

Since the last update, little O has already had three roundtrip flights!  I even did one of those legs solo with her.  During these trips, she celebrated her first Halloween, her first Thanksgiving, her baptism, her first 100 days, and her first Christmas.  The best thing about all of it is getting to surround her with the loving arms of all of our friends and family.  It makes the loss of routine and a good night's sleep worth it.  Little O also has her own passport now and we will soon be taking a long flight to Asia for an extended stay so she can meet her great-grandparents and many more relatives and friends.

We have been trying to give little O as much tummy time as we can, although she often doesn't look as happy as she does above.  She was also diagnosed with mild torticollis, which meant a couple of visits to a physical therapist and some neck exercises to do with her.  Her neck seems to be okay, and now I just worry about her funny shaped head, but I can't complain about her long hours of sleep, even if it might be leading to flat spots.  She has also learned how to roll, albeit mostly in one direction and only front to back.  I know I shouldn't, but I worry because she is not as advanced a roller as other babies her age, but we practice every day!

O is loving time in the bumbo, as well as her exersaucer and, most recently, her jumper.  I've heard that all these things are not necessary and can be detrimental to her development, but it's a nice break from floor time, although I try to make sure it isn't a substitute for it.  It also gives me a chance to rush around and do a few chores around the house before she starts crying. 

Little O has had numerous facetime and skype video chats with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and great-grandparents.  I find it amusing how often my dad will take screenshots as we chat, and how often he accidentally hangs up on us.  Her mood varies from chat to chat, but M's mom got the nickname "poop grandma", because for awhile O was regularly and loudly pooping during their video chats.  The trend has not continued, and lately she cries since she'd rather be walking around instead of staring into a computer screen.

Little O and I have spent quite a bit of time taking classes.  We took a wonderful mommy and me yoga class where I got some stretching and muscle work in between feeding and playing with her.  We tried one gymboree class, but found it to be a bit pricey (and I think clowns are creepy).  Currently, we are singing songs in Spanish while learning American Sign Language, going to a world music class, and will soon be starting swimming lessons.  Seattle Parks and Recreation has been a wonderful resource for affordable classes.  We've also attended a few workshops with Ann Keppler, baby guru, and Birth and Beyond.

Little O has been the recipient of many baby gifts, particularly from her lola, who has gone crazy shopping for her.  My favorite are the handmade items, especially these cute ducky booties knit by her tita.  Soooo cute!!

Little O has had some baby play dates, which are really opportunities for me to socialize with other adults.  She does love seeing new faces and places, but has a tendency to make other babies cry - hilarious, but unfortunate.  It is great to see friends with babies, I only wish they all lived nearby.  I remember in middle school I used to dream my best friend and I had houses next door to one another connected by a bridge, and that all of my friends lived on an island with me.  I still kind of wish for that.

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  1. Julie Park3:25 PM

    yay, i love this update! the time moves so slowly and yet so fast and you've been home for nearly half a year, can you believe it!?! she's just lovely and you are both fantastic and loving parents!