Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Week in the Life 2011: Monday

When I finally got out of bed, Maude was napping in the sunny living room.

For breakfast, I had a fruit smoothie with a currant croissant I bought at yesterday's Fresh Flours happy hour. 
My view for big chunks of the day.  This may change soon since the rocker I've been favoring will soon move into the nursery and we'll be getting a new couch!  It looks like Maude moved to a new nap spot here.
I've finally cleaned the diaper covers and stuffed the pocket diapers.  It's exciting to have them ready to use.  The question is, are there enough of them and will they fit baby Nam??
I did another round of laundry and hung things up to dry in the basement.
I finally got my butt outside to do a little yard work.  Last summer, I tried to fill our massive yard waste bin each week since we pay more for the larger size.  I haven't been as good about it this summer, but I got close today!
After filling up the bin as best I could, Maude was at the back door waiting for me.  I used to be nervous about letting her outside, but having a fenced yard and an old cat, makes it easier.
After going for a quick lap swim, I headed to the local QFC so I could pick up ingredients for dinner.  I keep trying to earn enough points for 10 cents off of gas fill up, but I am still not entirely clear on when I have enough points to get discounted gas.  You need 100 points ( = $100 spent at the store, or 2 prescriptions filled, or 1 gift card of $50 bought), but I haven't been spending that much in a month, but I think if I spend $50 each month, that might work too.  I just logged onto QFC, and found out that you can load a bunch of additional coupons that they offer onto your store card - very cool!
I made "Italian Beef Pie" for dinner, more affectionately known as ghetto meat pie by my husband.  I found this recipe in 4th grade? when I was in 4-H for cooking.  It's basically layers of ground beef cooked with spaghetti sauce, mozzarella, and spinach and egg.  It's a comfort food for us, and I hadn't made it in awhile.
 After dinner, Maude commenced following Marshall around the house.  She seems to know when it is roughly 9pm, as that's the time he usually feeds her.  Here she is waiting for food!

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