Monday, August 01, 2011

Week in the Life 2011: Sunday

I'm in week 36 of my first pregnancy.  I'm glad I've made this far and hope it continues to go as well as it has been.  It feels like a bit of a waiting game now, although I'm sure there are still plenty of things I need to do.

I shook up my breakfast routine and made smoothie this morning.  Today I put in greek yogurt, 1/2 a banana, strawberries, orange juice, and some frozen mango chunks.  
I'm loving the smoothie maker that my mother-in-law suggested we get.  It's by a Korean appliance maker called cuckoo and cost under $40.  It's nice because it makes just the right amount and the container can be used as a cup.  It also comes with screw-on lids so you can take it to go.  Most importantly, it's a lot easier to clean than a big blender.
I'm pretty sure it's only the second time this week that I've had to empty the dishwasher.
This is the view from the nursery right now.  I love the fact that there are lots of flowers in bloom.  The hummingbirds and bees like it too.
For lunch, I had a pretty typical filipino breakfast of spam, eggs, and rice.  Of course, I made scrambled eggs because of the pregnancy.  I do miss having fried eggs over easy!  I also added furikake, a Japanese rice seasoning of sesame and seaweed among other things.
Sunday is generally a laundry day.  Although today, I just retrieved a load that was actually done yesterday.  I'm still loving the new front loading washer we got last year.  I was surprised to find out top loading is generally considered better for cloth diapers, but I do love the water and detergent savings with the front loader.  It's also much gentler on clothes, gets them cleaner, and cuts down the drying time.  I'm also trying out dryer balls in the dryer to see if that cuts down drying time even more.
 I hung most of the diaper covers to dry.  I'm still not sure how much I'll be hang drying vs. dryer drying these.  People also recommend hanging them in the sun to sanitize and whiten.  I'm not sure how possible that is going to be here in the often overcast and rainy Pacific Northwest, although I could've done it today.  Any thoughts or suggestions? 
Sunday is also often a day of general cleaning.  Today, I had the roomba vacuum the dining room and kitchen while I vacuumed the hallway and bathroom.  Hanging up the chairs so they are mostly out of the way helps ensure that the roomba cleans better.  However, it often misses the corners of the room, and also doesn't seem to be the best at picking up stray dry cat food.
 In the afternoon, I went over to Phinney to check my friend's mail and water her plants for her.  I passed this big patch of lavender while there - it smelled wonderful!
 I also stopped by Fresh Flours for a snack.  This bakery has some of the best croissants in the city.  I still need to try their almond croissant.  I got there exactly an hour before closing, which meant that there wasn't much to choose from.  However, it also meant it was "happy hour" and the pastries were 1/2 off.  It a happy surprise, and they still had some regular croissants!
After eating a croissant with some delicious fig jam my sister left behind after a visit, I took a nap. When I woke up, my husband had returned from Home Depot with a "bucket head" shop vac.  (It is called this because it conveniently snaps onto a home depot size bucket.)  He was happy to have a vacuum for cleaning up all the litter and other mess down in the basement.
A quiet day at home ended with leftovers from last night for dinner.  I also got a happy surprise of winning a free pass from MomsAlive to the Jack & Jill consignment preview Thursday night for next weekend's sale in Lynnwood!  I get to bring a friend, anyone want to go? 

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