Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week in the Life 2011: Saturday

I got up late and was greeted by a sunny morning.  Maude found a sunny patch to sit and ponder the big blue exercise ball that she is for some reason afraid of.

I was excited to have mail to open while I had a delicious breakfast of coffee cake and orange juice.
The last (maybe?) of the diaper stash gathering for now.  I scored a pair of free xs fuzzibunz from Kelly's Closet when I ordered the hemp inserts and these cute rumparooz.
 We got to Facing East, a Taiwanese restaurant in Bellevue, just as it opened.  It's a good time to go if you don't want to wait, but it filled up quickly.  First up, were these Taiwanese pork burgers.
My favorite drinks are the mango smoothies - refreshing and delicious!

My husband's favorite was this chicken.  It came with deep fried basil and pickled cucumbers.
I'm going to skip ahead to dessert, but feel free to visit flickr to see the rest.  We got three different kinds of shaved ice - the red bean and mochi combined with the mango were my two favorites!
After some time at home and an afternoon nap, I went for my regular lap swim at the local Seattle Park District pool.  The water was kind of cold today, but there were plenty of swimmers.  I got there so close to closing, that they had to unlock the locker room for me.  I managed to squeeze in my normal number of laps.
 After a shower and some laundry, we headed off to dinner in Queen Anne.  I-5 was moving along, but...
 we got caught in the Torchlight parade traffic.  At least we got some entertainment in the form of parade floats passing us by.  There are more photos of them on Flickr.
We finally made it back to our old neighborhood of Lower Queen Anne for dinner at Toulouse Petit.
The food is cajun/creole, and the big booths are especially nice to sit in.
The best thing I ate were the friend green tomatoes, my favorite southern dish.  Their version is served with a ton of dungeness crab on top of it.
On our walk back to the car, we marveled at all the random items on the tops of the shelves at the Uptown Safeway.

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