Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finance: How Smart Phones can help

As a teacher, I get inundated with gift cards that I have a hard time keeping track of.  Luckily, there are some smart phone apps that can help with that as well as with saving money:

1.  Starbucks Mobile Card App: This application will allow you register multiple Starbucks gift cards and will let you pay for purchases using your mobile phone at participating Starbucks (including ones in Target stores).  You should keep the cards as a back up since not all stores will let you pay with your card.  I still have to try this out.  I wonder if airports Starbucks will let you pay with your phone.  If you lose the cards, you can report it is stolen and protect your balance (if it's registered - so even if you don't use the app, it's a good idea to register cards to protect them).  You also earn "stars" when you pay with gift cards and after earning 15 stars, you get a free drink.

2.  Jo-Ann App: I just found out about this application yesterday when I was at the store wishing I'd remembered my coupons that came in the mail.  I downloaded this app and was able to use the coupons through it.  (You can also present coupons sent to you by e-mail.)

Do you have any other apps to recommend?

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