Monday, July 18, 2011

Children's Consignment Stores in Seattle

Part of my nesting craze has been focused on getting cute clothes for baby Nam.  We are the first in our family to have a baby, so there are no hand me downs from relatives, so consignment stores have been a great resources to build up a wardrobe for her.  I've also had many generous friends who've passed clothes on to me.  Here's a list of consignment stores I've visited in Seattle.

1.   Me'N Moms: I've gone several times to their Ballard location, but they are also in Issaquah and Lynnwood.  This store has the best prices I've found by far for baby clothes.  They are a great place for basics like onesies, footed pajamas, and receiving blankets.  They also have baby gear like strollers (I spotted an orbit there), cribs, vibrating chairs, etc...  In addition, they have a section of new items.  A friend of mine says they sell any baby clothes they are done with here and use the credit to get the larger sizes they need - all without having to spend much money.  What a great form of recycling!

2. Childish Things: A co-worker recommended this Ballard/Greenwood shop to me.  It's prices are higher, but they have a pretty big selection of cute dresses and shoes and other clothing above and beyond onesies for babies/toddlers/kids.  Even though it's consignment, some of the things for sale still have tags on them.  They also have some baby gear for sale and a sizeable and tempting section of new items.  I found a cute Ralph Lauren dress for baby Nam on their clearance rack for 99 cents!

3.  Sela's Small Couture: I found this little Queen Anne shop because I'm addicted to Macrina Bakery which is across the street, and also love Malena's tacos which is next door to it. They had a lot of cute Janie and Jack, Hanna Andersson, and a few adorable Tea and Oilily items.  I bought the most adorable Janie and Jack sweater there with a turtle zipper pull. There's also a small area with a tv and chairs for little ones to sit in as you shop and one rack of new items for sale.

4.  Kids on 45th: This little shop in Wallingford has pretty good prices and selection.  They have some baby gear for sale too.  A bonus is it's close to Molly Moon's and Fainting Goat Gelato!

5. Le Petit Shoppe: This shop is just down the road from University Village in and it's on the pricier side for consignment, but I guess it's because of the neighborhood it's in (Laurelhurst). I found an adorable seemingly new Winnie-the-Pooh footed pjs here.  There is also another consignment shop a couple doors down that was for women and children that had some cute baby items, albeit a smaller selection.

6. Bootyland: This shop in Capitol Hill seems to have more new than used items available.  Their selection of affordable consignment was pretty slim and not really worth a visit if that is all you're looking for.

7.  Majesty: This shop is actually in Redmond, but it was near work so I checked it out.  It was on the pricey side, but was well laid out and had baby gear as well as clothes. They often list items for sale on Craig's list.

8.  Stella + Jack: This is an online consignment shop based in the Seattle area.  They had a sale at a neighborhood coffee shop in Magnolia a few weeks ago.  They had a lot of high end items (Hanna Andersson, Tea, Kate Quinn), but it with prices to match.  It's usually even more expensive if you buy it online since you have to pay for shipping.  However, they will pick up if you're interested in selling to them.

Places yet to be visited:
- Again and a Gain: A shop in West Seattle I've seen them list many baby gear items on Craig's list, but I have yet to make the trek out there.
- Sugarlump: I encountered some of the items from this shop in Madison Valley/Central District area at a boutique sale at Birth and Beyond, but have yet to go to their actual store.  It looks from their website like they also have a lot of new items for sale.

Do you have suggestions for other places worth a visit?

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