Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in the Life 2011: Thursday

I'm a few days late, but my friend Liz shared her photos for a project called "Week in the Life" and I decided to join in.  I thought it would be a great way to commemorate this last month of our life before it will change in a big way with the arrival of Baby Nam.  Here's the breakdown of my first day on the project.  More photos of today are in my flickr set.  What did you do today?  Let me know if you're doing the project too - I'd love to see your week in photos!

my first stop in the morning
I'm still in love with my new sink and vanity.  I put together the vanity and my husband did the rest of the work, including plumbing and tiling.  It's nice to have storage - which wasn't available with our old cast iron pedestal sink.

breakfast spot
 My morning routine this summer is to have a bowl of cereal as I check my e-mail.  The dining room gets great light in the morning so it's a nice place to sit.
emptying the dishwasher
 Either before or after breakfast, depending on how hungry I am, I empty the dishwasher.  It's not a daily task since we don't usually fill it in one day, but it's a morning chore I used to have as a kid, so I'm used to it.  (I also love my new Bosch dishwasher that my love installed in May - thank you dear!)
new diapers arrived!
I've been gradually building a diaper stash and just got these new Kawaii bamboo diapers in the mail.  It seems they need to be washed differently from non-bamboo??  I have to figure this out.  Thanks Sew Crafty Baby for the fast delivery!  (It was ordered less than a week ago.)
diaper stash
Getting ready to finally wash and prep the diapers for use.  Aren't they cute???
roomba maintenance
 Warning for anyone who is thinking of getting a roomba: It may clean the room for you, but you have to clean it!  It's not a big deal, but cleaning it, might almost take as long as vacuuming the room yourself.  Of course, it doesn't help when you have a cat that sheds constantly and clogs up the roomba with all the hair!
roomba at work
 While I vacuumed the living room, roomba vacuumed the bedroom.  That is an advantage to having it, it's like multitasking!  I do have to "pre-clean" the room and make sure there aren't things on the ground that will mess up the roomba (i.e. clothes, cat toys, power cords, etc...).  That isn't a person sleeping in the bed, it's a body pillow.
Maude's daily routine
At least once or twice a day, Maude sucks on something knit, and it's often my blanket. I've been told it's because she was weaned from her mother abruptly?  Usually, at the end of the day, she'll carry around a bundle of yarn (that she finds, even if it means digging through my stash) and meow loudly. 
vacuuming the cat
When she was younger, Maude was afraid of the vacuum, as most cats are.  However, in the last year or so, she has grown to love getting vacuumed.  (My husband thinks it's because her hearing is going.)  It's to the point now, where she actually at meows at me and sits next to the vacuum requesting some love when I'm vacuuming.  It's a good way to get a lot of hair off of her, and she's certainly shedding a lot right now.
Here's a batch of diaper flats and pre-folds that are washed and ready to go!
craft day
 This summer, Thursday has been craft day with my friend from Cup and Penny.  She's been working on flower brooches that she's selling at her Etsy shop.  Today, I was sewing baby gifts for a friend.
sewing machine
 While we sewed, we watched the Project Runway marathon that was on tv.  We noticed that all the commercials were aimed at women, specifically stay at home moms?  Who else watched the premier episode of season 9 tonight?  I'm watching it as I'm writing this.  Woohoo!
Rising Sun Farms
 After an afternoon nap, I walked to the local farm stand to get some ingredients for dinner.  It's nice to have this close by.
making dinner
 M helped me prepare for dinner (and tomorrow's picnic lunch too).  This tool belonged to his mom, and as he shredded carrots, he mentioned she'd cut herself on it many times.  I'm glad no blood was shed this evening.
kimbap assembly line
Laid out in front of me (in addition to my crafting supplies from earlier in the day) are all the ingredients for kimbap.  These are the Korean version of maki rolls.  However, instead of raw fish, I'm using oh so delicious spam!  Since my friend and I are going on a picnic tomorrow, I thought this would make a good dinner, as well as lunch tomorrow.  With 7 cups of rice, I made enough rolls to feed at least 5-6 people, maybe more.  I ate as I worked.
tomorrow's lunch
 Here are the completed rolls - packed and ready for eating tomorrow!  My love will have a good lunch at work, and my friend and I will have a delicious picnic.  Yum!

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  1. mmmm... lunch. it puts the other food at work to shame!