Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happiest Baby on the Block

I heard a lot about this book so I borrowed it from the library.  Considering how difficult I was as a baby, I am anticipating payback when baby Nam arrives.  Dr. Karp, the author, seems to think that the main source of baby's crying in the first 3 months is due to being born to the world as still developing fetuses and his goal seems to be to re-create the environment that encompassed them in the womb.  He claims that many cultures do not deal with colic as a problem because they constantly hold and carry their babies with them.  Here's a re-cap of Dr. Karp's advice - at least what I remember of it and think would be important to apply.

 Five steps to calming the baby:
1.  Swaddling
2.  Lay baby on side/stomach (when with you) - reverse breast-feeding hold, football hold, over the should hold
3.  Shushing (loud white noise) - hair dryer, vacuum, fan, exhaust fan, running water, radio static, dishwasher, car ride
4.  Swinging - rocking chair, dancing, swings, rhythmic pats, hammock, baby carrier, car rides, vibrating bouncy seat, bouncing on an exercise ball, brisk walks
5.  Sucking

Top Ten Ways to imitate the Uterus
1.  Hold the baby
2.  Dance with the baby (I was apparently a big fan of this as a baby)
3.  Rock the baby
4.  Wrap/swaddle the baby
5.  Sing to the baby or use white noise
6.  Take the baby for a ride in the car
7.  Take the baby for a walk outside
8.  Breastfeed the baby
9.  Give the baby a pacifier
10. Put the baby in a swing

When and how to wean the baby so they can learn how to soothe themselves to sleep:
1.  Wean sucking - between 3-4 months
2.  Wean swinging - between 3-4 months
3.  Wean swaddling - between 3-6 months
4.  Wean shushing - between 3-12 months
(Note: end co-sleeping around 4-5 months)

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