Thursday, August 04, 2011

Week in the Life 2011: Tuesday

I spent the morning trying to clean and organize the living room a bit in preparation for the new couch being delivered later this week.  Above is the before shot of our coffee table's drawers.  A surprising number of pens had accumulated in both drawers - I think they're all the ones that have gone missing from the kitchen.

Here's the after shot - probably doesn't look too different.  I kind of separated them into his and hers drawers, which I'm sure my husband will tease me about.  I also completely emptied the side table's drawers since I think the table will have to go to make space for the new, longer couch.
 I had a light lunch of toast with fig jam and a strawberry, mango, orange, yogurt smoothie. 
I went upstairs to our office/guest bedroom and filed away lots of paperwork.  It always feels good when I finally face a task that I've been avoiding!
The chores continued when I went to the Apple store to recycle an old laptop battery.  While there, I also tried to get help from them on trying to decide whether I wanted to get a macbook air or pro.  I like how compact the air is, but wasn't sure how I'd feel having such a small hard drive.  I'm most concerned about the space hog that is my iphoto library.  I realized it would've been helpful if I'd brought in my laptop.  Turns out I have over 45 gigs of photos!!  Yikes!  That's almost the size of the smallest hard drive option they have. 
Afterwards, I checked out a consignment store in Greenwood/Phinney called Labels.  They have women and children's clothes and had a pretty good selection of maternity clothes.  However, compared to other stores that focus more on children's clothes, I wasn't impressed with their selection.  I then headed south for the Fresh Flours happy hour.  I got there just in time (I thought), but a woman ahead of me in line bought the only 1/2 off pastries - darn her!  I got an orange, currant, oatmeal cookie, a red bean cake, and some lemon pound cake instead.

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