Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy Pi Day! (belated)

a rice krispie "pie"
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Pi day was yesterday, 3/14, but I was too stuffed full of pie to write about it. Now that I am partially recovered and wishing every day was Pi(e) day, I want to thank my friend Andrea for her love of pi and pie as it led to this wonderful annual event. I wish I had taken more photos, but I was too busy eating. It started with savory pies. I made an Italian beef pie (more fondly called ghetto pie by Marshall). I first made it when I was in middle school and in 4-H - which is still totally around by the way. Being in the city, people aren't familiar with it, but in rural Ohio it was just like being in girl scouts except you usually raised livestock. I didn't have the space to raise a large animal. Instead I joined their cooking division and stayed in it long enough to learn how to make this tasty meat pie. After stuffing myself on that, I had some delicious sweet zucchini pie that had a custard-like consistency. This was followed by a slice of Andrea's incredible apple pie - it is so amazing that noone else dares to make one. Next came a slice of quiche lorraine, and it goes a bit hazy after that. I got a second wind when I saw this totally unique rice krispie treat that reminded me of a wheel of cheese, especially after I cut the first slice out. After another breather and some mingling, I snagged the second to last piece of creole shrimp pizza from Bricks on Lincoln even though I was stuffed. Everyone said I had to try it, so how could I resist? It didn't end there. I had a slice of a chocolate coconut pie and then took some goodies home. I regret not trying the pecan pie, but I enjoyed a warmed up slice of a late arriving caramel apple pie tonight as I caught up on my tivo. I can't believe it is another year until the next Pi party! Isn't there another day that we could use as an excuse for lots of delicious pie???

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