Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Super H Mart

Super H Mart
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If you haven't been to Super H Mart, you have to check it out. I am a big fan of Mitsuwa, the Japanese Marketplace near IKEA and this place is the Korean equivalent, only much larger and with Costco-like free samples being given out all over the store. (The last time we were there, I got to sample kimchi seafood dumplings, fish cakes, and freshly grilled bulgogi.) It has the most massive seafood section I have ever seen, including loads of still squirming sea creatures. This photo shows two men making kimchi. It's the first time I've seen men making it - when we were in Korea we saw a large group of Korean women making it outside in an alley. My boyfriend went over to try it out and was of course disappointed at its too fresh flavor. Like Mitsuwa, Super H Mart not only has a grocery store, but also a food court, a bakery, and cute stores like Morning Glory and a store that sells adorable asian style aprons with adorable animal appliqu├ęs. There's also a housewares section where I was tempted by the array of fancy rice cookers and electric floor mats. The store is in Niles just down the street from the Village Creamery, a filipino ice cream shop which is a great place to get delicious and exotic flavors of ice cream like my favorite, macapuno (young coconut).

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