Friday, March 23, 2007

making time for creative pursuits

tonight's craft, originally uploaded by supafly.

I love reading about crafting, but don't make enough time for it. I have tons of crafting supplies, but don't get around to using them. Now that the apartment has thawed out with the warmer weather and since I am on spring break, I have no more excuses. I bought some packs of venetian glass-like beads recently at Hancock Fabrics. It was a good deal - 75% off. I didn't want to make another piece of jewelry so instead I started stringing it on scrap pieces of wire. When I got to the little pink beads, it looked like a cherry blossoms in bloom so I wound them together to make a group of tree branches and hung it from my mobile. There are still so many more projects to work on! Today I went for a motorcycle ride and stopped at a couple of craft stores. First, Caravan Beads to get a new piece of leather to repair Marshall's necklace. Of course, I forgot to get a clasp so I have to go back again tomorrow. Afterwards, I stopped for a delicious sour cream cake donut at Dinkel's bakery. After that, I found an utterly unique store called Soutache on Damen that sells the most beautiful ribbon, as well as buttons, purse handles, belt buckles, etc... Notions as it were. I bought some ribbon to make headbands - now I just need to do some sewing!

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