Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Motorcycle Maintenance

Yeah, I could've taken my spring break to become a motorcycle expert, but it's a bit chilly and I don't have a garage so I decided to get a spring tune up from a mechanic. Chicago Cycle Center has a bit of a monopoly, but I've heard bad things about the service department and that a lot of the people there have recently left or been fired because of the new owner whose focus is on profit. I went online to find somewhere else and happened upon All Brand Motor Works on Addison near California (close to Hot Doug's, so I stopped there on the way for a thuringer dog - aka the Don Rickles). I'd passed it before, but didn't realize that all they did was repair motorcycles. Actually, he - it's one guy in a small shop full of bikes. He gave me an estimate up front, serviced me quickly (he put me ahead of two other bikes that would need more time to finish and finished in 24 hours), and charged me less than I'd been quoted by the Cycle Center. There's my trusty little blue Honda Rebel in the picture - next to a big blue BWM that I wish I could fit on.

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